About Us

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Welcome to Alvolution.co.uk.

This site has been designed to help you find products for health and wellbeing from some of the UK’s leading companies. We have a wide range of products designed to meet a variety of needs. From simple memory aids which can tell you when its time to take your medication through to blood pressure monitors allowing you to look after your own health at home, we have products to meet your needs.

Our team are experts in technology and have been working closely with the UK’s leading companies to bring you this website. Based on over 10 years experience of working with the NHS and Social Services we are renowned experts in technologies to support Independent Living.

The site has been designed as a one stop shop to help you to choose the right product for you or your loved ones. We understand the difficulties you face in finding and choosing the right product to meet your needs.

At Alvolution.co.uk we know the impact support can give to you during periods of ill health, recovery, regaining confidence after a fall or a diagnosis of a long term condition. We also know the importance of readily available information for you and your carers, relatives and loved ones.

That’s why we’ve put this easy to follow website together to help you through the myriad of terminology and technologies that can help you live independently and confidently in your own home and your social environments whilst coping with changing healthcare needs or managing a long term or chronic condition. It’s not just about health, there are many products that can make it easier for you to do day to day tasks in your home or also give relatives and carers peace of mind that you are safe and secure.

We’ve categorised products that can help into 6 headings:

  • Wellbeing
  • Safety
  • Memory
  • Home Control
  • Sight and Hearing
  • Conditions

Technology is a great enabler and can help you or your loved ones to live independently at home. Alternatively, if you care for somebody technology can give you peace of mind knowing that you will be instantly alerted if they require help or assistance.

We hope you find this site useful and informative.

The Alvolution Team: Technology for People who Care