Care Call with Door Monitor - Pack 6

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Short Description

Ensure you can respond if your loved one requires help or assistance with this discreet wireless alerting system. This Care Call pack will trigger a response to certain signals such as a chair leaving alarm that let's you know if a vulnerable loved one has gotten out of their chair allowing you to offer help or assistance. Pack 6 comes with a fully portable pager unit, mains powered trickle charger with battery back-up and magnetic door monitor.

Care Call with Door Monitor - Pack 6


Full Description

This Care Call pack provides telecare products that work to trigger a response to certain signals.

These systems may respond to chair leaving alarms, movement monitors, magnetic door monitors, emergency person to person key fobs and under carpet pressure mats.

Pack 6 comes as a complete medical alert system comprising a fully portable pager unit that can be clipped to user's belt, placed in their pocket or worn on a neck cord. When a signal is received from one of a number of telecare alarm devices, the pager will vibrate and illuminate the appropriate symbol on the keypad, allowing you to respond and offer help or assistance if required.