Care Call with Movement Monitor - Pack 9

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Short Description

An alerting system for carers allowing the person you care for to remain in their home while you can respond instantly to calls for assistance or emergencies.This Care Call pack uses sensors that trigger a response to certain signals such as a chair leaving monitor. Pack 9 comes with a fully portable sound and flash receiver unit and PIR movement monitor.

Care Call with Movement Monitor - Pack 9


Full Description

This Care Call pack provides telecare products that work to trigger a response to certain signals.

These pager call systems may respond to chair leaving alarms, movement monitors, magnetic door monitors, emergency person to person key fobs and under carpet pressure mats.

Pack 9 comes as a complete medical alert system comprising a fully portable SignWave sound and flash receiver, using on-board strobing visual alert, variable audio alert frequencies and the incoming alert symbol to notify the user to an event.  Pack 9 also includes a PIR movement monitor which has an integral passive infrared detector that signals the corresponding pager unit automatically when triggered by someone's unexpected movement.

This kind of elderly alarm is a valuable telecare system for the care of the most vulnerable people in our lives and is only available for sale in the UK.