Silent Alert PACK 6

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Short Description

Designed for both deaf and hard of hearing people, this simple to use Silent Alert pack provides hearing equipment that works to trigger a response to certain signals such as the telephone ringing. SA3000 pack 6 comprises a pager, alarm clock charger, pillow pad, mini monitor, telephone monitor and ionisation smoke alarm.

Silent Alert PACK 6


Full Description

This Silent Alert pack provides hearing equipment that works to trigger a response to certain signals. These hearing aids may respond to telephone, doorbell, door entry, person to person, baby alarm, car alarm, burglar alarm, smoke alarm, fire alarm, carbon monoxide monitor, door monitor, fall alarm.

Pack 6 comes complete with deaf equipment comprising:
- fully portable, vibrating pager unit with internal rechargeable battery that is worn by the user on the belt, in a pocket or by using the neck cord supplied
- mains powered alarm clock charger with battery back-up which enables the pager to be recharged whilst still providing notification to the user of monitored events and can be set to wake the user at the required time
- vibrating pillow pad that shakes to confirm that the pager is correctly docked
- mini monitor which acts as a multi-functional transmitter, enabling the user to choose a particular event they wish to monitor
- easy to fit mini telephone monitor that enables the user to be alerted to in-coming calls to their phone, textphone and fax
- single point ionisation smoke alarm with integral radio transmitters, suitable for all situations where deaf and hearing impaired people require early warning of an outbreak of fire, whilst providing a powerful audible alarm for those with good hearing

This listening equipment is a valuable telecare system for the care of deaf and hearing impaired people of all ages.