Flood Alarms

Get peace of mind knowing your home is safe from water damage and eliminate the worry of costly repairs with a flood alarm combined with a water shut off value.

Because flooding events can often go undetected for hours causing extensive damage to your home and personal belongings, getting an early warning of a water leak can mean all the difference.

A flood detector is particularly useful in homes where vulnerable people live. Those with dementia, for example, may forget to turn off a running tap. Flood alarms work by providing an early warning of flooding or of rising flood water, enabling you to take defensive measures to protect your home or business. Some flood detector systems work with a telecare system to alert a carer that a tap has caused water to overflow.

Once the alert has been raised, if a water switch has been fitted, it enables you to turn off the flow of water immediately. Being basic in their design and functionality, flood alarms and water switches are easy to install. Flood alarms are ideal for safeguarding properties that have been built on flood plains or those that are empty for prolonged periods during the winter, when pipes are prone to bursting in freezing conditions. Also, flood detectors can provide owners of second homes with reassurance that their properties won't be exposed to water damage when they are away.

There are several different styles of flood alarms, but they all generally have the same result: trigger an alarm which alerts you to potential floods or increases in water level if detection has occurred. These alarms can work alone by sounding a water detector alarm or can be designed to work with a telephone link. A flood detector can also be combined with a valve control unit that shuts off the water supply when prompted.

Flood detectors should be installed under the sink or bath or in leak prone areas where water would hit first if taps were left running. This means the flood detector can prevent, or at least limit, the damage that is often the result of unseen and normally undetected leaks, drips, and appliance failure. Find the right solution with Alvolution.

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