Pivotell Advance Automatic Pill Dispenser

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Ideal for those with complicated medication regimes, the Pivotell Advance Dispenser incorporates a number of important features which are designed to help both the user with their medication regime but also helps to support their family, carers and pharmacists.

Pivotell Advance Automatic Pill Dispenser


Full Description

This pill dispenser has a self locking shutter over the lid to prevent access to the medication tray except at the time that the medication is programmed to be available.  This prevents the possibility of double dosing or the forced movement of the medication tray by the user.

When the dispenser lid is closed the shutter locks making the medication tray inaccessible.  At a dosage time the tray will advance clockwise and the shutter will be released.  The alarm will sound and the light will flash to alert the user.  The medication can be accessed by tilting the dispenser through 90 degrees.  The shutter will swing open as the dispenser is tilted allowing the medication to fall out.  The medication should be poured into the hand or a suitable container.

Once medication has been dispensed by the user and it has been returned to the horizontal position the shutter will lock making the medication tray once again inaccessible.

If the medication is not dispensed by the user within the programmed alarm time the shutter will lock and thereby make the medication that remained in the open pill compartment but which had not been taken inaccessible.  This removes the possibility that the user will be able to take a dose immediately before the next dose is due and potentially double dose.

The LCD display will be visable through the lid allowing the user and carer to view the date and time, the time that the next dose is due, number of doses remaining and the battery level.  This LCD display feature will be of particular benefit to family members or carers who will be able to make a visual check on the status of the dispenser without having to open it.

An interface will be provided for connection (via cable) to a PC for programming, reading status, dispensing records and updaing the software as necessary.

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