Fall / Panic / Wander Alarm Badge with Pager

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Short Description

A complete system designed to help those you care for to remain independent for longer. You will be immediately alerted, via the pager if they have a fall, wander or if the temperature is too low, putting them at risk of hypothermia. They can also press the panic button and summon help or assistance when they need to.

Fall / Panic / Wander Alarm Badge with Pager


Full Description

This system is designed to detect falls and will place a call through to the pager for assitance or help to be summoned if a fall should occur.

The Alarm & Fall Badge is capable of:

- detecting a user falling and lying unconscious

- calling for assistance when pressed

- When stood on a table it can be used as a "knock over" alarm to summon assistance

- Detects wandering using radio signal strength

- Outdoor range of 450m

- Antibacterial plastic

The compact unit measures 35mm by 60mm and is powered by a Lithium Coin Cell battery that typically lasts for 1 year.  If the unit senses the user lying prone for more than 15 seconds, an audible alarm is sounded for 15 seconds with a decreasing tone to aid those with imparied hearing.  If the user fails to respond, then the alarm is transmitted.  The unit also features a panic button which can be pressed in the event of an emergency. The unit is worn like a badge or around the neck using a neck cord.

When an alarm is triggered an alert will be sent to the pager to let the carer know help or assistance is required.

The pager is capable of linking to 8 different sensors and is house in a white anti-microbial plast case.  Battery life 100 hours typically when on charge for 12 hours.

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