Fall / Panic Alarm Badge with Telephone Dialer

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Short Description

A system designed to detect falls and ensure help or assistance can be summoned if required. This system includes a panic button and fall alarm. If a fall is detected or the panic button is pushed an alarm call will be made through the telephone auto dialler, allowing someone to offer help or assistance.

Fall / Panic Alarm Badge with Telephone Dialer


Full Description

This system is designed to detect falls and will place a call through the telephone autodialler for assitance or help to be summoned if a fall should occur.

The Alarm & Fall Badge is capable of:

- detecting a user falling and lying unconscious

- calling for assistance when pressed

- When stood on a table it can be used as a "knock over" alarm to summon assistance

- Detects wandering using radio signal strength

- Outdoor range of 450m

- Antibacterial plastic

The compact unit measures 35mm by 60mm and is powered by a Lithium Coin Cell battery that typically lasts for 1 year.  If the unit senses the user lying prone for more than 15 seconds, an audible alarm is sounded for 15 seconds with a decreasing tone to aid those with imparied hearing.  If the user fails to respond, then the alarm is transmitted.  The unit also features a panic button which can be pressed in the event of an emergency. The unit is worn like a badge or around the neck using a neck cord.

When an alarm is triggered the telephone dialler will call a series of up to 8 pre set phone numbers. These phone numbers could be family, friends or neighbours. Once connected the telephone dialler will deliver a short audio message to let the person who has been called know what the problem is allowing them to take appropriate action.

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