Radio Comf-iT Monitor with Incontinence / Vomit Sensing Cotton Sheet inc Pager

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This moisture detection system will alert you when the person you are caring for has either urinated, had a bowel movement or vomited, giving you the chance to take immediate action, reducing bed sores and false alarms.


Full Description

Bed wetting alarms like the S1034D feature a unique bed sheet and monitor unit. The cotton sheet embedded with wires is used to detect either a bowel movement or urination in the bed or vomiting onto the pillow. The radio monitor unit is connected to the sheet by two wires and once wetness is detected, raises an alarm on the included pager. The monitor also has a call button by which the user can call you, either for assistance or, by using a long press, for an urgent need.

The cotton sheet with these bed wetting devices feature four connections, two for detecting moisture and two to allow testing of the sheet for wire breakage after washing. The sheets are guaranteed to stand 25 washes, but in practice many have been in service for two or three years without failure.

Bedwetting alarms like these remove the need for regular nocturnal checks on vulnerable people, which disturb them and can cause unnecessary behavioural issues, particularly with sufferers of dementia.

The pager has a range of 450m, is housed in a white anti-microbial plastic case and has a battery life of 100 hours typically when on charge for 12 hours.

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