The Assure: personal monitoring and alert system

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Keep your independent lifestyle in the knowledge that if you need help or assistance the people that you choose to respond, be they family, friends or neighbours, will be alerted quickly. The Assure is an award winning stylish, water-resistant personal monitoring wristband that continuously monitors your wellbeing via a base unit that is connected to your internet. The system triggers an alert for help if you ask it to, if your wellbeing checks are not acknowledged or if it detects that you might have had a severe fall.

The Assure: personal monitoring and alert system


Full Description

The Assure personal monitoring and alert system gives you confidence that if anything happens to you, help is at hand.

Designed for reliability of service, simplicity of use and elegance of design, The Assure personal alarm system is easy to set up and you can access the Acticheck online dashboard via your computer, tablet or smartphone to easily manage your settings. You can also give your family and friends peace of mind by giving them permission to see your information and activity online should you choose to.

The ‘fit and forget’ monitoring wristband, designed to be worn 24/7, is made from medical-grade silicone for a comfortable fit and can be adjusted to any wrist-size. With a contemporary lightweight design that is comfortable to wear, water-resistant and has a long battery life, wearers do not feel stigmatised.

The Assure system links the wristband to the base unit that is connected via the internet to the Cloud-based Acticheck server. It passes messages between your wristband and the Cloud, and to your personal responder network when needed.

With four ways of triggering an alert and two chances to cancel the alert, The Assure covers a wide range of eventualities giving you complete home and garden coverage.

* SOS alert button: call for help with a simple squeeze of the wristband
* Continuous fall monitoring: The Assure wristband listens for an unusual impact followed by a lack of movement that could be a severe fall
* Wellness checks at a time to suit you: set The Assure to buzz once or more a day to check that you are well, press a single button to say you are OK
* Daily emails: for those who want confirmation you are up and active
* End-to-end checks: the system updates its status several times an hour giving confidence that the system is working and also checks the wristband is being worn so that you are protected
* An online dashboard: so your responders can see your activity in real time if you give them permission too

When an alert is initiated the system gives two chances for it to be cancelled by the user, if both are not responded to The Assure system will start to call the people on your personal responder network one-by-one with an automated message until one accepts the alert. They will then be told, emailed and/or texted your location and confidential access instructions, along with any first responder instructions such as vital medication requirements.

The one-year ‘confidence’ package includes: The Assure personal monitoring wristband, base station, 1 year’s access to the online dashboard and standard carriage: £239 (inc VAT).

Future costs: Online dashboard yearly plan: £89.00 (inc VAT p.a.).

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