Cholesterol Monitoring

Cholesterol monitors help to determine the level of cholesterol in your body and can help to avoid possible complications in the future. If you have a history of artery problems or high blood pressure then it can be beneficial that you take a cholesterol test several times a year.

Your body uses cholesterol to produce many hormones, vitamin D, and the bile acids that help to digest fat. But if you have too much cholesterol in your bloodstream, the excess may be deposited in the arteries of the heart, which could lead to heart disease. For people at risk of heart disease, doctors will use a cholesterol monitor regularly to track levels of cholesterol in their blood. Typically, cholesterol monitors require very little blood in order to take a reading. Cholesterol monitors have evolved to become small, simple devices that can be used in the home.

A home cholesterol monitor makes it possible to check your cholesterol level in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Easy to use, home cholesterol monitors can be used as often as you wish and eliminate the need for a medic to take repeated readings. Many people who attempt to manage their cholesterol count through the correct diet, find a home cholesterol monitor essential to measuring their success between hospital and GP visits.

A modern home cholesterol monitoring device incorporates technology that allows you to store test results and calculate average readings. Once the blood sample is taken using a pin prick, the cholesterol monitor should give an accurate result in two or three minutes. Some cholesterol monitors are handily sized for taking on holiday, overnight visits or even day trips. Part of a range of devices designed to put people in control of checking their own health, a cholesterol monitor can help to spot rising HDL/LDL levels before they become problematic. Normally provided as a complete kit, a home cholesterol monitor couldn't be more straightforward to use. Anyone caring for someone at risk of heart disease will be able to start using a cholesterol monitor immediately.

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